Our Treatments

Here at Regent Therapy Centre we offer specialized treatments to suit all.

Injury Clinic

Specific treatments for muscular and joint strains and sprains, sports related injuries and stretching and strengthening regimes. We use various different techniques to assist injury repair depending on the specific requirements. These are used to reduce muscle spasm,decrease swelling and promote the healing of soft tissue and improve blood flow. In addition,other manual techniques such … Continue reading Injury Clinic

Sports Therapy

This is a combination of treatments including those within the injury clinic and sports massage sections. Primarily directed at sport related injuries and involving the necessary rehabilitation to allow the sportsperson to return to their chosen sport successfully. As with all injuries,it is important that not only is the injury successfully resolved but the correct,graded … Continue reading Sports Therapy

Sports Massage

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from a Sports Massage! It is a good treatment for general injury,chronic pain and restricted movement. It works by stimulating circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems. Within the treatment protocol,trigger point therapy is often used to break down adhesions(knots) in muscle tissue and thereby increase … Continue reading Sports Massage

Therapeutic Massage

As the name suggests,this is your truly relaxing massage! The one you want to be treated to or to treat someone else to. It can be full body or targeted to an individual area. Whichever you choose,you can be sure to feel relaxed and refreshed. It’s an ideal way to give the body the chance … Continue reading Therapeutic Massage

Remedial Massage

Deep tissue massage similar to Sports Massage. Individual 40 minute appointment – £30. Individual 60 minute appointment – £45. Reduced rate available when booking multiple appointments. Free consultation included with all appointments.