Injury Clinic

Specific treatments for muscular and joint strains and sprains, sports related injuries and stretching and strengthening regimes.

We use various different techniques to assist injury repair depending on the specific requirements. These are used to reduce muscle spasm,decrease swelling and promote the healing of soft tissue and improve blood flow.

In addition,other manual techniques such as manipulation and mobilisation are used to achieve best results.

MOBILISATION; this is a manual technique to gently encourage the advancement of movement to an injured area. It keeps joints lubricated by encouraging the natural pumping action that produces this and therefore lessens pain and the chance of muscle spasm developing.

MANIPULATION; this is used to break down scar tissue and adhesions by removing blockages in joint movement. It involves an degree of thrust to actively encourage the maximum increase in Range Of Movement. Prior to this procedure the area would be warmed either by heat or massage.

ULTRASOUND; this is used to treat ligaments,muscles and tendons in addition to manual therapy. It works by transmitting vibrating sound waves through the tissue to stimulate a chemical reaction in the body to aid healing.

HEAT; this is often used to aid pain relief,reduce stiffness and reduce muscle spasm. It also improves blood flow to a given area,to assists healing.

Individual 40 minute appointment – £30

Individual 60 minute appointment – £45

Reduced rate available when booking multiple appointments.

Free consultation included with all appointments.