Counselling and psychotherapy are in the main interchangeable, however psychotherapists undertake a longer and more intense training path with the therapy generally being accepted as deeper and longer lasting.

Our therapist Claire, trained and practiced Transactional Analysis (T.A) that has a philosophy where;

“People are O.K”
“Everyone has the capacity to think”
“People decide their own destiny and these decisions can be changed”.

We will analyse thoughts, feelings and behaviour in the present day, discovering those patterns that are unhelpful and may be rooted in some years past. We then explore more beneficial ways to live your life. Transactional Analysis believes that our lives today have been influenced by decisions made in adolescence. Beliefs as children can be unhelpful as adults.

Transactional Analysis psychotherapists strive for open communication between themselves and their client and encourage them to be equally involved in the implementation of any changes.

A contractual agreement is decided between both parties regarding the direction and pace of any therapy.

Anxiety-Grief-Low Self Esteem-Depression-Sexual Abuse-Anger-Boredom-Relationship Problems.

Claire offers a free of charge half hour consultation. Each additional 55 minute session will be charged at £35, however concessions are available on request. Daytime and evening appointments are available.