Sports Massage

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from a Sports Massage!
It is a good treatment for general injury,chronic pain and restricted movement. It works by stimulating circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems. Within the treatment protocol,trigger point therapy is often used to break down adhesions(knots) in muscle tissue and thereby increase range of movement. They are usually chronic “holding points” and may take a session or two to release.
The feeling is of a tender nodule,located in a taut band of muscle fibres,which can refer pain via the nerves in the tissue to other areas. They can be de-activated with deep finger pressure!
Muscle Energy Techniques (M.E.T’s)are often used too to aid and increase range of movement in joints. This is done by using a contract/relaxation technique on the muscles surrounding the joint in question,allowing an increase in the level of stretch achievable.

PRE-EVENT SPORTS MASSAGE; Usually given between 15-45 mins prior to an event.

POST-EVENT; Usually given within 1-2 hrs of an event to normalise the body tissues more quickly.

RESTORATIVE; Usually administered during training to allow an athlete to train harder with less risk of injury.

REHABILITATION; Given to alleviate pain due to injury to return the body to normal health.

Individual 40 minute appointment – £30

Individual 60 minute appointment – £45

Reduced rate available when booking multiple appointments.

Free consultation included with all appointments.