Sports Therapy

This is a combination of treatments including those within the injury clinic and sports massage sections.
Primarily directed at sport related injuries and involving the necessary rehabilitation to allow the sportsperson to return to their chosen sport successfully.
As with all injuries,it is important that not only is the injury successfully resolved but the correct,graded rehabilitation processes are in place. By this we mean that a rigorous programme of stretch and strengthening exercises are undertaken,targeting the specific sport,allowing the person to return as soon as is safely possible without the risk of re-injury.
The stresses and strains can often be far greater and more regular with a sporting injury and this is an additional consideration for the therapist.

Individual 30 minute appointment – £25

Individual 60 minute appointment – £45

Three 30 minute appointments – £60 (saving you 20% compared with booking 3 individual appointments)

Free consultation included with all appointments