Therapeutic Massage

As the name suggests,this is your truly relaxing massage! The one you want to be treated to or to treat someone else to.
It can be full body or targeted to an individual area. Whichever you choose,you can be sure to feel relaxed and refreshed.
It’s an ideal way to give the body the chance to be pampered and feel great again.Each individual muscle group can be gently massaged,lifted and rolled to allow the toxins to return to the lymphatic system. By doing this,that tired,achy feeling we all get begins to subside.
Regular massage can help long term well-being and give you that feel good factor. We will also give you advice on posture to help you maintain a relaxed body.
The way a lot of us live our lives today is quite often a pre-cursor to aches and pains. Many jobs involve working for hours at computer terminals,driving long distances or just the way we “slouch” in general.
Treat yourselves and feel the difference!

Individual 40 minute appointment – £30

Individual 60 minute appointment – £45

Reduced rate available when booking multiple appointments.

Free consultation included with all appointments.